Madeleine Bialke

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

 My work grapples with the conventions, history, and legacy of American landscape painting, establishing an alternate vision of the natural world increasingly under threat of global ecological devastation. I stage coniferous trees and forests in an unsettlingly still and acidic set. Small figures wander through flattened planes of sky and an uncanny backdrop of trees and ground, haunted by saturated skies. Lozenge-like foliage becomes comic and noble, almost human. The animals, lifted from paintings by the likes of George Catlin and John James Audubon, are rendered as eerie facsimiles. I depict an all-pervasive and bodiless violence happening in a northern landscape. Yet this setting can still house survivors; humans, trees, and people find tenderness in the midst of invisible turmoil.