Lynnea Holland-Weiss

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Cleveland, OH

I am a painter with a background in dance, so my obsession with body language and my gravitation toward figurative painting is only natural. I have always been drawn to the human figure as a subject. My process is intuitively driven and concerned with layering. Often, I feel like an abstract painter in the way that I approach a piece, but I have a strong desire to paint the figure for its profound ability to directly evoke emotion and empathy.

My work explores our daily experiences, how we relate or ignore each other and what these interactions look like. I am interested in charting people’s movement through space and time. My figures are meant to feel familiar and relatable. I often intentionally blur the defining characteristics of race or gender and push unusual color combinations to address the equity of humans. I want any viewer to easily step inside the shoes of these figures. Through color and the overlapping or merging of figures, I dissolve separation and challenge our ability to disassociate ourselves from one another.