Lydia K. Dildilian

Region: South


City / State: Jonesboro , AR

I am looking at systems and how they are used to better understand other fields, how they are employed in society, and what purpose they serve. I look through the lens of cybernetics to find a context for these inquiries. Cybernetics is a human-tomachine relationship that calculates and predicts the outcomes and consequences of systems. This field seeks to find the best solutions and the perfect equation for a particular area, such as ecological or social systems. Often, the goal of cybernetics is to find hidden connections that machines can see and that the human mind cannot quantify. A yearning for uniformity, calculated outcomes, and underlying systems of order offers humanity solutions to problems known or unknown, and creates a utopian dream of order. I question whether cybernetics, or any system, can truly do this. Systems help us organize, but I believe the real product produced is a pharmakon, offering us both remedy and poison.