Luke Butler

Gallery Affiliations: Jessica Silverman Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast

There is no telling what will turn out to be significant or interesting. Star Trek has been on TV somewhere for my entire life. Today it is a subculture, a cult franchise verging on religious stature, another particle in a specialized, fragmented culture of pay TV and internet. Once, when I first found it, it was the establishment, just more of the recycled matter that made up the backwater of afternoon local station reruns, interspersed with lame commercials- a full hour-long stop in the mediocre world. Everybody knew Star Trek, whether they meant to or not. I was four and I was very curious about Captain Kirk, who didn't have to ask anybody anything. In high school in New York City it was on at 1AM. It was a surprise, and a peculiar luxury, to have something as conventional as Star Trek for a companion at such a quiet time, when the world is gone and does not interfere. Now I have the DVD's and don't even have to wait for it, unless I want to.

When love is true it changes with you.