Lui Ferreyra

Gallery Affiliations: Van Straatem Gallery

Region: West

The term, "Bardos" which I have borrowed for these titles, comes from Tibet. The term refers to the liminal boundary between one state of consciousness and another-- as between dreaming and waking, or living and dying. It is beheld that this transitional state can offer an extraordinary opportunity for spiritual advancement, since insight may arise with a direct experience of reality.

These "fragmented" paintings aspire to a visionary bidding--not unlike the classical notion of the poet and his muse. Work that began as aesthetic endeavor has emerged fraught with possible metaphors, potential symbolism and inevitable narratives. These figures project ambiguity, whether they live, die, awake or sleep, cannot be determined with certainty. They emerge out of a complex arrangement of fragments into a unified, uncomplicated realm that may or may not be real.

This series reflects a reverie of contemplation on my current speculations about life, death and the nature of reality.