Lucy Jaffe

Region: South

Building a new body of work begins with pulling in thoughts and ideas and trying them out to see if they'll go anywhere. For months, I started and stopped, sanded and scraped, ultimately rejecting all efforts as false beginnings. Identity of self and content negotiated for placement in the paintings. A chronic problem with over thinking consistently tried to reassert itself. Overt visual inspirations included a piece of vintage pottery, flowers drawn from a kitschy gift book, and many evenings of watching the varying pinks and receding purples of backyard sunsets.

These paintings continue a pursuit of working with organic shapes and circles, line and stimulating color. The physicality of paint is used to describe the forms and offer a sense of connection. An ongoing intention is to invite and emote the viewer into the space and images presented. Watching the world, looking at art, and making paintings are important resources of visual confirmation -especially when some surprising but underlying aspect of life is made visible through the medium. The emergence of these paintings brought joy.