Louis Watts

Region: South

Website: http://louiswatts.com

City / State: Burlington, NC

The pieces in High Lonesome arose while I was working on another series. Using charcoal, charcoal powder, archival tape, paper, and various ephemera, I noticed how the oils from my hands left unique marks on the paper, how I made minor scratches in the substrate as I moved my hands and tools, how the torn and cut tape pieces were in dialogue with each other, and how the color differences between the paper or Claybord interacted with the charcoal powder and artist’s tape. I saw a quiet beauty in these occurrences, so I decided to dedicate an entire series to them. These moments are often missed in the routine of everyday work. I am interested in slowing down to fully explore them and allow them to inform my practice as a whole. The title High Lonesome reflects the ways in which solitude and quiet can be painful but can give us insight and growth if we confront what they reveal.