Loring Taoka

Region: South

Website: http://Www.loringtaoka.com

City / State: Fayetteville , AR

My work is an extension or contemplation of the act of perception —lines of demarcation are only contextual. Exploring the space where the viewer simultaneously accepts two contradictory ideas provides the foundation. I use basic geometry as a point of departure, creating overlapping, incomplete, and illusory shapes in various stages of flux. Squares fade into squares; circles are completed in a two-way mirror’s reflection; a rectangle is created by smaller rectangles. The shapes visually weave in and out of each other, at once acknowledging and undoing their respective qualifiers.

I am interested in the liminal spaces we occupy and how we change in relation to the environment while remaining a solidified, identifiable self. Being able to pass through, or acclimate to, certain scenarios draws out the space between these distinctions. I investigate the fluctuation, balanced on the fence that divides opposing signifiers.