Lora Fosberg

Gallery Affiliations: Linda Warren Projects, Jack Fischer Gallery

Region: Midwest

I utilize metaphor, memory, iconography, and narrative to express the complexities as well as the banalities of our existence. My intent is to create a universal language using symbols, iconography, and text derived from everyday life that enable me to reach a wider audience.

My process is anthropological: objects and events are experienced, assembled, and recorded. The subjects of my work are the intricacies and intimacies of life—memories, relationships, emotions, and perceptions of the mundane. The specific and the generalized, the personal and the universal, all hold equal importance in my work. Appearing repeatedly throughout my practice are isolated, lonesome moments and epic disasters alternating with quiet instances of bliss and scenes of collective rebuilding and symbolic growth.

I attempt to disarm the viewer with imagery and language that encourage them to regress to a particular memory, a moment of understanding, a specific conflict, an absence or connection to others or to nature. I am interested in enlarging emotional possibility.