Loie Hollowell

Region: South

Whether I am painting or sculpting, the manipulation of fabric is my primary interest. I apply black ink to wet white denim fabric in an assortment of ways to create my desired effect. I enjoy the optical play that occurs between stark contrasts of black and white. Conversely, in other work, I focus on the ethereal qualities in subtle transitions of gray. Some of my pieces incorporate blue and green ink because scientific studies have concluded that these colors have the most calming effect on us. The impetus to begin this body of work arose out of a frustration with my bedding’s inability to comfort me into sleeping.The trompe l’oeil fold mirrors my bed space, but in its reflection, instead of the limp and claustrophobic fabric that actually surrounds me, the sheets are idealized as animated folds and drapes, sometimes explosive and sometimes sensual and inviting.