Loc Huynh

Region: West

Website: http://lochuynhart.com/

City / State: Houston, TX

My work comes out of the visual language used in illustrations and design. The literal and straightforward legibility of designoriented images is similar to the easy-to-read nature of history paintings. The cartoon and history painting share the traits of exaggeration and legibility. I take the notion of exaggeration and push it to levels of absurdity and vulgarity. I combine the grandeur of historical events with the grotesque bodily nature of funk art of the 1960s and ’70s. These elements create a tension between the whimsical imagery and the heavy-handed, grave content present in the works. The images I create are reactions to various world issues. The works, at their core, are based in reality, but through my perversion they become crass commentaries on the violent phenomena plaguing our world.