Liz Moore

Region: South

City / State: Lexington, KY

My work is very material- and process-based, utilizing languages associated with painting, fiber, and printmaking. I create soft sculptures, paintings, and installations that point to the conversation on the isolated body, one that is going through mental and emotional etiology. Through the use of synthetic material such as faux fur, silicone, and other materials and processes associated with craft and print, I push the experience of the viewer to one that is disorienting and conducive of their own bodily awareness as it relates to surrounding objects. As the fibrous material sits heavy against the wall or floor, it has an alluring quality that raises the question of our fascination with fragile sculptures and imagery, especially when they are deconstructed and abject. In exploring these situations of the body, the work engages an ongoing dialogue around beauty in the grotesque, while relating to both internal and external experiences.