Linus Borgo

Region: Northeast

In 2014, when I was eighteen years old, there was an electrical accident where I was shocked with 11,000 volts, resulting in eleven surgeries to treat the third-degree burns all over my body, and the amputation of my left hand. All of the subsequent work I have made is an attempt to grapple with the new physical and metaphysical limits of the body I live in. Working through Self-portraiture, I study my own body as one might study a mathematical problem, searching for what was subtracted or rearranged, what is hidden, what is imagined, and what is a memory. What new boundaries has the surgeon’s incisions drawn on my body, and how does this manifest in the boredom of everyday life. I draw heavily on my childhood fascination with Italian Renaissance paintings, from which I learned to draw when I was still in a stroller, as well as my years of classical training in figure drawing and anatomy. I believe my work lies somewhere in the gap between the quotidian and trauma.