Lindsey Kircher

Region: South

 My work portrays resilient female protagonists who reflect the bravest version of my inner self. Entranced or beholding, they traverse a variety of ecosystems with assuredness and curiosity. Approaching this work from an environmentalist and feminist perspective, I explore connections between women and nature. Plants and animals are rendered as defined, sculptural forms, exuding the same clarity with which the women navigate the landscape. A wariness about anthropocentrism and climate change has led me to work with acidic, unearthly colors that suggest both a psychedelic paradise and a post-apocalyptic planet. These women could be the first people on earth, or the last. Their solitude frees them from self-consciousness, liberating them to celebrate the capability of their strong, sensual bodies. Through the use of mystical, prismatic lighting, I strengthen the impression that these women are intertwined with the primordial origins of nature, while also implying that they are not of this world. The subjects of my paintings glow in electric light and color to manifest possibilities of transformation and self-discovery.