Lindsay Gwinn Parker

Region: Northeast


City / State: Rochester, NH

 In my work, I strive to convey the experience of time passing and the effect it has on individuals and their environment—the obvious impermanence of everything that we so often choose to ignore.

With each piece, I focus on the absurdity of a moment that has been stripped of context or suspended between impressions of the past and intimations of the future; a moment that has no meaning outside of that which is projected onto it. Though I occasionally use watercolor on paper, I’ve found that the versatility of acrylic paint on canvas allows me to achieve visual effects like blurring and transparency while still being able to create defined layers of detail, if desired. When painting, I often focus more on the saturation or contrast of color than on the specific traits of identifiable forms and locations. I’m most inspired by scenes and subjects that are in a general state of flux or transition: dawn, dusk, passing storms, or people in motion.