Lindsay Burke

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

 My work questions the value of an image in the hastily evolving contemporary visual culture. Traditional figurative images, similar to those preserved in classical frescoes and relief sculptures, are layered and repeated, evoking digital screen culture and the accumulation of content. I examine the antithetical relationships between these enduring frescoes and today’s overexposed and physically impermanent imagery.

My process makes use of contrasting ideas. I have utilized a mineral fiber paste that allows the surface to build up and create a slight relief; the resulting texture is similar to a wall or slab, much like a fresco’s plaster surface. And like plaster, the fiber paste offers absorbent qualities for wet and dry media. I deviate from this traditional base in the use of airbrushed compositions and opaque acrylic elements.

As with previous bodies of work, my recent exploration focuses on gender-based power dynamics and sexuality but also examines the human potential for emotion, creation, destruction, violence, pain, and desire.