Linda Lopez

Region: West

What was in it for the chair that hooked my bag today? What was in it for the bag?

I resist acknowledging that the objects inhabiting our lives are inanimate. By considering the objects’ needs, and denying our need for these objects, they can expose a life and language of their own. A sagging couch expresses its physical exhaustion from the continuous support of lounging bodies. A coffee table makes its hostility clear to the car keys by continuously throwing them over its edge and onto the floor. By carefully observing the relationships between furniture, knick-knacks, and utilitarian objects, I have found them to reveal less about the lives of their owners than about their own hidden lives.

These drawings present evidence of the physical and psychological states of objects that often go unnoticed. In this realm, objects cause unexpected encounters, such as the chair that hooked my bag. When these interactions are revealed, we look at things and they look back.