Lillian Warren

Gallery Affiliations: Anya Tish Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

My subject matter revolves around transitional conditions, whether they be physical spaces or emotional states. My current series, which I call “Waitscapes,” features groups of people receding into empty space, often fiddling with some electronic gadget, isolated from each other, waiting endlessly for something that they might not recognize when they see it.

My process starts with my capturing digital images of strangers whose lives intersect with mine. I take pictures wherever I find myself waiting: airports, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the doctor’s office. Back in my studio, I edit the photos to remove the background, then build compositions of figures isolated from others and from self. I use the slippery, pooling effect of fluid acrylic on Mylar to both delineate and abstract the image. The final works are single- or multi-panel pieces in which figures recede in a self-imposed limbo.