Lillian Warren

Gallery Affiliations: Anya Tish Gallery

Region: West


City / State: Houston, TX

My subject matter revolves around transitional spaces and conditions, whether they be physical spaces or emotional states. My current series features the mundane urban/suburban landscape painted in acrylic and oil on Mylar. I am drawn to the unexpected poignancy of this landscape, emptied of people but with the heavy footprint of our presence. I love the quite isolation of the transitional in-between spaces of my city.

My process starts as I take pictures with my phone while out on a walk or running errands around my home in Houston, Texas. Then I modify, simplify, and collage this source material on the computer to form a “digital sketch” that reflects my sense of a place, or even just a “kind” of place. The image evolves further as I immerse myself in paint. I want to create a painting that is intimate since it is based on personal memory but somehow representative of a collective memory, because you feel that you’ve passed by these places before.