Lilian Garcia-Roig

Gallery Affiliations: Valley House Gallery, Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art

Region: South


City / State: Tallahassee, FL

My latest work features large-scale, multi-panel paintings, each created on site over the course of an entire day. The intense wet-on-wet cumulative process underscores the complexity of capturing firsthand the multidimensional and ever-changing experience I have at that specific location. Formally, the works are as much about the materiality of the paint and the physicality of the painting process as they are about reconciling the illusionist possibilities of painting with its true abstract nature.

On a more personal level, I realize that I am drawn to wilderness and dense landscape subjects out of a deep psychological need to connect. As an immigrant, I attempt to negotiate the propositions of “sense of place” and “belonging” that so influence the construction of personal identity. I believe that my comfort with, and aesthetic attraction to, a multifaceted and fluid postmodern existence results from my biography. Cuban-born and Americanraised, I have learned to see things from at least two culturally distinct, and often opposing, perspectives.