Lia Halloran

Gallery Affiliations: Martha Otero Gallery, DCKT Contemporary

Region: Pacific Coast

My work examines the intersections of natural forces and the human body that are not always visually apparent. In many ways these intersections illuminate, through our own curiosities and experiences, the ways we intimately relate to the world physiologically, physically and emotionally. These investigations have led to figurative pieces utilizing imagery exploring forces of gravity, motion and light interacting with the human body. I incorporate the gestural language of painting to suspend the depicted body and pictorial space somewhere between representation and abstraction.

A recent series of drawings and paintings explores the phenomenology of natural forces. 'Funeral at Sea' is informed by familiar stories I heard as a child of surfers paddling out into the ocean to form a circle in the water when there is a death in the community in order to usher the deceased into the afterlife and honor their connection with the sea. The imagery in 'Shannon and the Vortex of Hummingbirds' presents delicate birds creating a funnel of mass and energy, balancing the fine line between the elegant and the destructive.