Lenka Konopasek

Gallery Affiliations: Terzian Galleries, Torrey Gallery, A Gallery, Joseph Gierek Fine Arts, Plus Gallery, Gallery U Prstenu

Region: West

My paintings represent a collision between nature and people. Nature is shown in its extreme stage during manmade and natural disasters. It is a struggle of wills, where human structures are being reclaimed and handicapped by nature’s might. It shows our advanced technology being fractured and swallowed by natural elements.

There is a quiet beauty in my paintings that is deceiving. Over time and with careful viewing, the work raises questions about longevity, the consequences of human behavior, and differences in cultural or national attitudes.

Even though carnage from a natural disaster or war is disturbing and damaging, brute force and brutality can be intoxicating and seductive. With my paintings, I contrast finely crafted and strangely beautiful images against harsh repulsion to draw attention to the beauty of violence. I am interested in the conflict of conscience and the consequences that result.