Leeza Doreian

Region: Pacific Coast

Website: http://www.leezadoreian.com

City / State: Oakland, CA

My work elaborates the delicate negotiation between the sensate experiences of the body and the cognitive ordering necessary to process them. Repeat patterning acts as both structure and metaphor to create a place where sensuality and order meet.

The starting point for my current body of paintings is used massproduced fabric items such as skirts, shirts, and curtains, which I arrange into “still lifes.” Looking at these “still lifes,” I craft carefully considered works with a slow, painstaking execution: the inverse of the process of mechanical reproduction.

The use of mass-produced, discarded fabric integral to this body of work is infused and directed by an exploration of visual thinking. My overall intent is to synthesize concept, process, and perception to create analytical work that is balanced between realistic depiction and abstraction, recasting what may otherwise be overlooked as banal into singular poetic experience.