Leah Beeferman

Region: South

In my work, I transform elements from my surroundings into interconnected, fantastical landscapes. By removing these structures and objects from their familiar contexts and making them interact, I redefine their roles and relationships. I assemble these objects-individually enlivened by imagination and focused research-into a variety of scenes. There, the real and unreal resemble and reflect one another.

Flat, analogous forms define these intricate landscapes, where each element exerts an equal impact on its surroundings. Collectively, they mirror the existing environment: complex and delicate, worthy of careful observation, preservation, and change.

My drawings were initially comprised of structural and mechanical elements. Recently, however, I have begun to incorporate natural landforms. This developing methodology grows out of an interest in the circuitous ways architecture and nature coalesce to form our total environment. Facts and historical and scientific data are becoming increasingly important in my work. My latest projects investigate a new process: merging my imaginary universe with a preexisting, but reconsidered, landscape.