Lauryn Welch

Gallery Affiliations: Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

Since childhood I have been fascinated by the emotional tug of color and pattern. In my paintings and installations, I explore how these phenomena are used on the body to express or conceal one’s identity in relation to one’s environment. My interest in camouflage and costume is fueled by both my haptic love of textures and the psychological challenge of fitting in or standing out. In 2013, I performed an entire year as Red, a “monochromat” who lived, ate, and slept entirely among red objects and spaces. My experience as Red not only affected my visual decisionmaking skills, but also altered my personality, as I learned how to maneuver as a monochromat in a polychromatic world. I realized environments shape people as much as people manipulate the places they occupy. Where does the influence of one end and the other begin? With this in mind, my recent work splits its focus between the landscape and the body, searching for the natural and constructed commonalities between them.