Lauryn Welch

Gallery Affiliations: Mitchell Giddings Fine Arts

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

I make acrylic paintings about the relationship between private space and the people that inhabit and shape it. I am interested in the accretion of history and language developed between people and objects within such spaces. These observed pockets of interiority between house and home express as much about myself as my body. Private space provides potentialities of being not offered by the public sphere.

I draw from my experiences in caregiving and disability to depict the many joyful, loving, idiosyncratic, and fraught formulations of private space between two people. I use magical realism as a way to describe the psychological tenor interwoven between body and interior over time. I imagine the conditions needed to put down roots.

My enthusiasm for all of the individual things that compose these telescoping interiors presents itself as maximalism. I use color and pattern to unify the digressions of detail within my paintings. I work iteratively, reconfiguring old paintings within new ones to generate worlds within worlds.