Laura Paulini

Gallery Affiliations: Eleanor Harwood Gallery, Josee Bienvenu Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Portland, OR

Opposites attract. We yearn for stability and security, but our desire for variety and adventure invites risk. We know that setting goals and sticking to them will get results, yet we give in to the pleasure of breaking rules that we, ourselves, have deliberately crafted. While there is something satisfying about being first, no one is immune to the charm of objects worn and marked by the history of their use. Perhaps this is why we are so attracted to ruins; they hold the quest for completion within a man-made object in the face of inevitable changes to that object over time.

My current geometric abstractions explore this opposition quite directly. The rows of colored lines—created by placing individual dots of egg tempera onto a wooden panel with the tip of a chopstick—represent order, structure, and growth. The dots themselves—1/8” in diameter, slightly irregular, and at times completely absent—represent fracture, permeability, and decay. Together, they cohere to create an image of iconic stillness while retaining a sense of incompleteness and change.