Laura D. Velez

Region: South

 I feel moved to explore the unknowns and mysteries that propel human nature to keep thriving and searching, to move forward no matter the circumstances. In this body of work, I explore a dystopian narrative about the deterioration and atrophy of the earth that resulted from the human-created climate crisis. Through the medium of paint, I explore what it would be like to resurface from underground and find that the earth’s ecosystems had evolved to support new life. I discover these worlds using the texture of paint to chart the topography of the space, and the chromatic relationship of colors to explore how nature has changed to a myriad of toxic, highly saturated tones. I imagine mankind feels a sense of displacement due to these extreme changes being perceived as dangerous but still inviting to explore. This work tells a story about human resiliency, as people come together to manage and possibly flourish in a chronically uncertain situation.