LaToya M. Hobbs

Region: South

 As a painter and printmaker, I use figurative imagery to facilitate an ongoing dialogue about the Black female body in the hope of showcasing a more balanced perception of our womanhood, one that dismantles prevailing stereotypes. My practice incorporates the production of mixed-media works that seamlessly marry traditional painting and relief printmaking techniques on a single surface. These hybrid works employ the use of pattern, color, and texture to provide a visceral experience that is both universal and specific.

My most recent series, Salt of the Earth, explores women’s symbolism as salt as well as their function as preservers of family, culture, and community. Inspired by my ascent into motherhood, these works chronicle women who function as traditional and nontraditional matriarchs in their communities. As this series continues to expand, I want to highlight the importance of self-preservation while in the service of others, examine how women engage in acts of self-care, or the lack thereof, and incite a critical discourse around motherhood, with a focus on women in the arts.