Lana Waldrep-Appl

Region: West


City / State: San Marcos, TX

 I often joke that I make art for introverts. I am not entirely joking. I make paintings of the anonymous spaces that I so love—simple corners of not-so-important buildings, the niche that a water fountain occupies, a small piece of a generic dentist’s office. In an anonymous space, I can be anonymous. I can be invisible. I can turn totally inward. I can take a breath. I can refocus my mind. I emphasize the geometry of these spaces, because the orderliness of geometric forms is a great vehicle for decluttering the mind. My paintings are filled with chromatic grays of many hues, varied pastels, and near-whites. The subtle shifts of color are not so immediately obvious. This allows the paintings to unfold with time and space. These paintings require that viewers be both physically and mentally present with the work. They both seek and create silence.