Kyrae Dawaun

Region: South


City / State: Washington, DC

 With regard to language as an infrastructure, my pertinent exercise is its interrogation beyond the constraints of denoted words, discovering it settled into its varying regional connotations and tones. The instinctive selection of word is reflexive of quotidian scenarios inspiring the inquiry into the actions present in intimate human exchange and politics. It is a careful act to challenge the language you are governed by. Abstraction in form, composition, and arrangement of the imagery meets the obfuscation I resort to in contest to societal distortions guided by misgovernment.

Often, sculptural vignettes and architecturally engaging fixtures join paintings in my plays on words. The ergonomics of the figures’ activity may suggest architecture within a space. Some paintings operate in tandem with one another. Other paintings are actually the anatomized display of the figure as captured in action or posed. Body language tends to stretch just as far, as if not further than, other colloquialisms. The built environment informed by and directly affecting our human behaviors has a role to play in my painting about communication.