Kyle Surges

Region: Midwest

City / State: Homer Glen, IL

My paintings are derived from close visual observation of subjects that are primarily manufactured items. I find beauty in these items, and I enjoy the challenge of accurately re-creating them in paint. For me, a smooth panel, free of the interrupting canvas texture, is the ideal surface on which to paint.

Pop artists utilized mass-produced objects to create a dialogue between high and low culture. My work is rooted in that dialogue. I consider myself a sort of pop realist. My choice of objects is based on the awareness of nostalgia. Often, nostalgic items will encourage the viewer to relate, using personal memories or experiences, and I find this makes the painting interactive and engaging. The nostalgic pieces that appeal to me are usually simple items that have great American cultural significance. For me, they have become embodiments of importance, excellence, and sincerity. These are objects that demand close observation in order for me to correctly present them. In my opinion, accurately representing these objects in paint is the only clear method of capturing their iconic beauty.