Kyle Perry

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Seattle, WA

When we view art, the experience is as much a reflection of our own thoughts and feelings as it is a perception of the art itself. Bearing this relationship in mind, there’s a deliberate vagueness to much of my work. My paintings are often based on old photos I find—little glimpses of times and people long forgotten. Abstracted and further removed from their context, I leave space for the viewer to find a sense of familiarity, like a moment of déjà vu or an unplaceable nostalgia.

I like to use people as subjects, because figures express so much, so subtly. A weight in their shoulders or a glimmer in their eye insinuates meaning without having an inherent meaning. I layer in as much depth as possible using light and contrast. I want people to feel like they could fall into my paintings, I want them to feel fully immersed in whatever reflection they have.