Kristopher Benedict

Region: Northeast

 I relate the experience I am trying to create with my paintings to the sensation of driving around a new town. Moving through unfamiliar streets, neighborhoods you’ve never seen before are connecting in your mind and balancing against places you formerly inhabited. You are looking at your phone’s GPS and listening to the app give you directions as you try not to get lost. You are also listening to the radio, which elicits some kind of emotional response. You are looking out the window, forming opinions and making plans while (humorously, you realize in retrospect) ruminating on your past life and what brought you here. Meanwhile you are responsible for a host of practical things like obeying traffic laws and maintaining enough gas in the car. The complex way we move through the frames and competing foci that make up our world is in turns maddening, inspiring, and completely mundane. My work reflects that state of fractured attention and dislocation as it offers a nuanced space that is both exploratory and familiar.