Kristin Frost

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Bothell, WA

I feel connected to the moments of my life that have left imprints in my mind, traces of events, objects, and thoughts that are still thick with color, energy, and purpose. My work takes on many forms, visually combining images from the present and the past. I compare what is remembered and forgotten in the everyday. Singular images hint at a possibility of narrative, but they are hazy, obscure, emerging from the organic energy of watercolor and oil paint.

Through the repeated reworking and reusing of images, I remake my own history and experience into a more tangible version of reality. Each piece is a collective response to then, here, and now. It is in the transitions, the lapses between ambiguity and clarity, structure and fragility, that I reside, an observer of the complexities of time and circumstance. I reclaim lost moments by embracing their instability and letting them unravel in space. The process of remembrance continues, as each idea or image is morphed, changed, disregarded, and created anew.