Kristin Bauer

Region: West


City / State: Tempe, AZ

With a background in art and psychology, I pursue a long-form aesthetic exploration of communication, intention, and collective ideological movement. I visually explore semiotics and human experience situated within the constructs of otherness and the self. Delving into historical propaganda, marketing, and psychological research that captures societal constructs of influence, I move through a process of adopting and restructuring word and image in creating installations, sculpture, and paintings. My ultimate intention is to convey an essence and weight, while stripping motive and abstracting persuasion. All of my work incorporates plastics of some sort: synthetic polymer pigments, cast acrylic plexiglass, and films are activated for their conceptual properties of transparency, and their relationship to sleek (shiny and sellable) commodification. I frequently employ corporate signage and marketing methods, materials, and manufacturing techniques in my process in a further exploration and disruption of the field of “Manufactured Consent.”