Kristen Cochran

Region: West


City / State: Dallas, TX

 Through sculpture, print, video, and installation my practice points to the traces and residues of humans’ best efforts, the tragicomic nature of daily laboring, and the passage of time. Socioeconomic disparities, workplace politics, and the relationship between basic needs and transcendent desires are embedded in the materials with which I work.

Fruitfulness and futility, making a living and being on the clock, are interests related to human performance, identity, perceived value, and access to resources. “Dreamtime,” body care, and self-actualization are adjacent research areas that reflect my studies in anatomy and physiology, therapeutic massage, and bodywork.

In the studio, I promote strange material encounters through experimentation and play; humor provides the framework for more serious psychospiritual and sociopolitical concerns.

My interests have materialized variously as ink-blot lounger paintings, copper plumbing “time chimes,” decrepit bake-shop displays, and faux sausages dangling in a suspended state.