Korakrit Arunanondchai

Region: Northeast

My practice offers me a way to understand the world in its complexity. At the present time, I exist in between two distinct cultures: the one in my homeland, Thailand, and the one in the United States, where I currently live. Each comes with its own predicaments, and each influences my painting, installation, and performance work. In my paintings, I use the idea of a romantic modern painter as a metaphor to speak about important things that happen in my life. I have gradually moved from creating paintings of abstract spaces to creating the spaces themselves. The human relationship to images lies at the core of my continuing interest in the idea of a painting practice. Bringing the paintings into the realm of sculpture highlights this relationship. I am concerned with transforming experience into pictorial representation and the modes in which that pictorial representation gets inserted as an object back into the world of experience. I view paintings as the closest non-living entities we can interact with in the realm of sensations, feelings, and the unknown.