Kirstin Lamb

Region: Northeast


City / State: Providence, RI

Over the past year I have dedicated myself to a series of arrangements of paintings in space. I lean pictures on top of one another, hide one patterned canvas beneath another laden with a similarly heavy pattern, or stack pictures on top of painted rugs. I have made hide rugs and have begun to make wall treatments, all hand-painted. In addition to rugs and patterned works, I include portraits, floral flights of fancy, images reminiscent of sweaters, color wheels, or Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Signs. I am particularly interested in imagery that signals a kind of American kitsch. I include traditionally feminine lap-crafted originals, less as diminutive cherished objects than as a billboard for the feeling of a handmade and intimate craft, here restaged in paint. There is a kind of demented devotion to hand-painting every last detail.