Kirsten Stolle

Gallery Affiliations: Dolby Chadwick Gallery

Region: South

City / State: Asheville, NC

My work examines issues related to genetic engineering, biotechnology, and commercial agribusiness. I use appropriation, translation, distortion, and redaction to reframe corporate messaging. Through drawing and collage, familiar biological and scientific imagery is recontextualized within a twenty-firstcentury framework.

With drawing as my primary medium, I use gouache, graphite, ink, acrylic, and collage to create hybridized versions of seemingly familiar yet peculiar scenarios. Recently, I have begun to broaden my practice by exploring text-based embroidery, site-responsive installations, and manipulated audio loops. Using reference materials such as vintage medical books, twentieth-century agricultural magazines, USDA promotional videos, and midcentury chemical company print advertisements, I create elegant environments within the context of disturbing genetic realities.