Kirsten Peterson

Region: Midwest

This most recent work is an extension of a concentrated focus on mediated images depicting moments before or after disasters. They are mixed media paintings on duralar that compress visual information of the construction and deconstruction of homes placed upon a shake table. These images show promise and prevention in feats of engineering; they suggest hope in the guise of destruction. I feel that these images visualize indifference or vacancy in how we interpret, understand, and empathize with experiences of atrocity and devastation that have been compressed and transmitted through mediated devices.

Compositionally, formal elements of mark, diluted and interference color will inform the deficiency of structure within each image; this will also inform our deficiency in wholly understanding or identifying with the situation. It is my goal to present an overall aesthetic that subtly evokes a fractured sense of reality and space. I would like these works to imply a precarious space of assumed permanence that is ultimately met by its own inevitable termination.