Kirsten Marie Pisto

Region: Pacific Coast

My work depicts fantastic apparitions I wish to revisit. Standing on the edge of the lawn at night. Perched above an irregularly deep swimming hole. I feel optimistically jumpy when I imagine these scenarios.

Inviting my own bizarre expectations of nature to flood these worlds, I have a visceral reaction to palette and paint that dictates the love story. A tuberose-infused jungle, a neon swamp, and a lonesome lurking creature are tangible. My fascination with spectral beings and the myths and literature we create to explain the unknown inspire my perspective. Humor and fright coalesce.

Pretend you’ve found a little cave. Get down on your hands and knees and crawl inside, then look back out at the world. It is both luminous and dark. A sound, like the noise at the end of a river, and the familiar scent of grass, turquoise, and stardust emerge to lure you home.