Kimo Nelson

Region: Northeast


City / State: Brooklyn, NY

I begin my work as an explorer and a collector. I make archives of found objects, photos, and drawings that provide a point of departure for paintings produced through experimentation, process, and chance operations. I’m interested in themes of transition, evolution, and flux described through processes of growth and decay, accumulation and erosion. My process involves multiple transfer layers over a textural surface. The layering of material is a way to think about the literal, physical layering of matter in landscape, and the layering of information that mediates our perceptions of both urban and natural environments. This body of work takes as its point of departure archives from two river expeditions I made in 2016: a nineteen-day expedition through Grand Canyon National Park and an eight-day expedition through Canyonlands National Park. Returning to these sites regularly is a necessary act for me and an important contrast to the urban environment. It is a reminder of the value of these protected spaces as sites of contemplation and reconnection.