Kimberly Piotrowski

Region: Midwest


City / State: Riverside, IL

In my paintings I create a level playing field for abstraction and reference, a territory where they can harmonize and spar. Abstraction as marks made with decisiveness and emotion plays willingly with references to landscape, nature, figure, and memory. Layers of thin ink washes, scrubbed and manipulated by time and touch, these passages push against the opacity of forms and gestural lines to create a new dynamic within the picture plane. It is the culmination and gathering of the different parts that excite the process of painting for me. Fantastic new forms and ambiguous scale created by even the smallest marks can make a composition that shifts the direction of motion, space, or feeling. These paintings are woven with line and color, wiped, puddled, and blown. They grind and wrestle and rest. Then they stay. They become a record of the dynamic process of painting meant to be read wide open.