Kimberly A. Manfredi

Gallery Affiliations: C. Grimaldis Gallery

Region: Pacific Coast


City / State: Palm Springs, CA

My work, with its emphasis on bulges, bumps, and contaminates, primarily illustrates boundaries, both respected and crossed. Permeability and thick skin inhabit each end of the spectrum. My art charts barriers and contaminates, it maps myths, personal experience, galaxies, and cell structure. It is intentionally ambiguous in its relationship to the microcosm and the macrocosm. I am interested in the boundaries of art and other things: art and science, art and psychology, art and nature. Through controlled thought, drawing, and cutting, I add specificity to a poured blob (flower, star, body, bird). There are blobs emerging from blobs, and shapes separating themselves from one another. The materials and process create the reality, they reflect the world as I know it, and as a result describe my experience. My aim is to create paintings that point to the wonders of this world, to the marvels of the sky, and to the miracles of the inner-landscape.