Kim Michelle Coakley

Region: South

Punch Kiss–the period before a miracle, a lesson almost learned, a sweet punch in the face, something filled with so much emotion that it is on the edge of explosion. This outburst is so huge it would infiltrate the space inbetween your thoughts, everyone‚s thoughts. And it will change you forever. It is a light in your mind. A fresh deep breath, a whisper in the wind. The sun. It is a song that holds your heart, and roots you down. It is buzzing and smacking, sliding, extending, pushing, persisting, insisting, flowering, blooming, tuning, fine tuning, working, rearranging. It is the time where you are working to become free of everything or anything that you thought, things that you think that were true and then you realize they are not and so you are forced to let go. So seriously do your thoughts stick to the layered skins of your mind. A punch kiss is the natural course, the way it should be, without really believing that it is. It is the fight against all other people‚s thoughts, all the thoughts of the world, all opinions, all the things that you should and shouldn‚t do. The punch kiss is bitter, and dense and so rich in the center. As a flower its petals are made of the sweetest, purest, most healing essence you have never sensed nor could even imagine.

Most recently I am driven by the need to release the past. My paper shapes reflect my process of letting go, forgiving and healing on many levels. They are an expression of freedom, something I am trying to experience mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and thus physically. These shapes aim to be free from square frames and rectangles as a symbol of this freedom.