Kilee Price

Region: MFA Annual


City / State: Charlotte, NC

The degradation of images and culture is the primary focus of my work. Inspired by Twitter and internet memes, I explore the idea of shared content being a placeholder for human emotion.

Existing between two and three dimensions, my work explores Internet culture offline. I use computer-design tropes such as bevel effects and drop shadows, blurring the line between mimicry and mockery. Manipulating synthetic materials like foam and resin with surface treatments of applied paint and silkscreened imagery creates a dialogue between content, form, and material. By crafting these works by hand I implement a bond between digital and physical presence, creating slowness in an otherwise fast digital present.

The fully realized works become something different from much of the imagery that is widely circulated, speaking about authenticity and abstraction, and being unshakably awkward. Representations of palm trees and sad faces are some of the most prominent imagery in my work. Each superficial idea that comes to me becomes more complex as it is translated into physical form.