Kevin Goodrich

Region: Midwest

City / State: Chicago, IL

The relationship between image and material is interesting to me. The materials I use announce their presence. Forcing copy machine toner through a silkscreen creates a paradox—the image looks unrepeatable, but the material speaks of reproduction. This forms a scenario in which the material and the image are both fighting to be the content of the painting. I complicate this relationship with oil, spray paint, and screenprint. I explore how these disparate languages fail to create a discernable hierarchy within the image structure itself, as well as from one piece to another. Many references to the everyday appear in my work and are explored in no particular order. They include the copy, country ballads, mid-fidelity, singularity, the cropping of objects in space, art in progress, and cover songs. I am interested in the connections between structure, the uncanny, and the language of reproduction.