Kevin Finklea

Gallery Affiliations: Margaret Thatcher Projects, Pentimenti Gallery

Region: Northeast

During a recent studio visit, a question was posed that I had not actually considered. What was I thinking about when I started making these new works?

The first piece came about when two scraps from a crate were leaning against one another. I continued from this simple arran-gement, fabricating work using already cut pieces of lumber. Plywood from old crates formed the bases of these works, completed with the cut-off from older wooden works. The rule I set for myself was not to think about it too much. Glue it, screw it and paint it.

I also made use of pre-mixed pots of paint. I had to augment some of these colors, or mix new colors, when the pieces called for it. I kept the painting sessions to the barest amount of time necessary to get the color density right. I wanted the color to act as a simple equalizer. Initially color had to offer a balance against the obvious imbalance of the actual wooden forms. Over time, the color has become fun ctionally more structural to further assert the balances and imbalances of the pieces.