Kevin Arnold

Region: South


City / State: Fort Smith , AR

We the people of the United States of America, in order to dismantle a more perfect Union, have elected an incompetent charlatan, a failed businessman, a narcissistic gluttonous orange buffoon who speaks in a dialect of sound bites, tweets intolerance, bigotry, fear, ignorance, and persecution of all who oppose his points of view.

We watched as truth and reason were allocated to a sycophantic news media that manufactured consent, reveled in sensationalism, and fueled his rise to power. Now, as our general welfare is being sold in a market that values profit over the wellbeing of its people and the environment, domestic tranquility is being undermined by factions of evangelicals who preach a new sermon of hate, greed, pride, and opposition to the blessings of Liberty deserved by all humankind. We the people will never forget these atrocities. We the people will never succumb to the tyranny of this self-serving regime.