Kenny Cole

Region: Northeast


City / State: Monroe, ME

These works incorporate collaged magazine cutouts sized to the proportions of a smartphone screen. My process is simply to incise a grid into a magazine. Each magazine then produces hundreds of screens, most of which I reject and the best of which form accidental compositions resulting from the chance placement of the grid on the particular magazine’s layout, design, and subject matter. The phone bezel, that distinctive frame with its two wide ends designed to reduce unintentional inputs on a touch screen and rounded corners designed to facilitate smooth handling, recontextualizes the content of old-school media and establishes its lineage with the energized media of today. By painting on and around the collage screens, I can open up the narrative and engage with issues related to technology and the larger cultural phenomenon of interconnectivity and human experience. Absent the dynamics of electronics and interactivity, the collages then allow for a more resonant contemplation of content and form through the experience of static art.