Kelley Johnson

Region: South


City / State: Los Angeles , CA

I am interested in the viewer’s experience with painting as both physical and optical. I make paintings that merge two- and threedimensional space, creating a type of interactive painting. I usually start a work using repetitive shapes and/or linear structures that are built organically over time. Eventually, larger forms begin to emerge, and the direction of the work unfolds. For me, it is like drawing and painting in space, allowing the work to become. I am influenced by op art, color field painting, and modern furniture design and textiles, among other things. By investigating the formal language of painting and applying my findings to installation and sculpture, I hope to build a relationship between the participant and the painted object. I want the works to have a type of hum or vibration that evokes a meditative state, balancing a feeling of escapism with being in the present moment.